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Our passion is for the youth of Japan. God has created us for connection with Him and with others, and Japan desperately needs the community only found in the heart of Christ. For the past four years, by God’s grace, we’ve opened our home and our hearts to try and reflect the servant heart of Christ. HE has caused community to start taking root in this land desperate for connection.


As we’ve seen God work one life at a time, a vision was placed in our hearts to expand on the good work HE has begun - a student and ministry center.


The Neighborhood will be a place where students can relax in a warm and safe environment while building healthy and encouraging relationships, and come knowing they will be poured into with a love that can only be of God.


"But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?" Romans 10:14

The Pagaragan Family

We are Jeff, Kelly, Taylor, Bailey, Kendyl, Reagan, and Colson Pagaragan - TEAM missionaries to Japan. We’ve spent the past four years in Tokyo loving students in Jesus’ name simply by living life with them. God has given us real joy in this type of hospitality evangelism and discipleship, and our passion for this student center called The Neighborhood is an expansion of the work God has already begun. We are currently stateside looking for the necessary funds in order to make the vision God has given us for The Neighborhood a reality.

Why Japan?

127 million people. Less than 1% Christian.


Japan is the second largest unreached people group in the world.


Suicide is the leading cause of death among ages 15-39. 21,897 people took their own lives in 2016.


85% of teens wonder why they exist. 11% wish they had never been born.


There is one missionary for every 64,000 people.

Join the Neighborhood

We need your support to help make The Neighborhood a reality.

To help support The Neighborhood financially, or support our family specifically, please click the links below.  

For those who would like to join our group of Prayer Warriors and learn about more personal prayer requests and happenings, click here. (This is separate from our newsletter)

The cost of living in Japan for the average single person is a little over $1100/mo* NOT including rent.  We have a few more than that, not including the several students that often come over for lunch...dinner...and sleepovers.


Our monthly expenses as required by our mission agency (TEAM) total to about $10,000.  


By contributing to this fund, you will be helping to enable the Pagaragan family in their various ministries by providing for their everyday needs through a monthly commitment or one-time gift.

Over 8 years ago, a vision was planted in our hearts to reach high school students. And over the last four years, God has expanded that vision to include students, parents, the community, long term and short term missionaries, and other churches and Christian organizations. 

When we return to Japan in Spring of 2019, we plan to begin construction on the Ikebukuro Student and Ministry Center, which will be called The Neighborhood.

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